Exclusive: Hamas Challenges Palestinian Authority with ‘Victory’ Rally in Bethlehem

Exclusive: Hamas Challenges Palestinian Authority with 'Victory' Rally in Bethlehem
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“The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas invites you in the city of Bethlehem to participate in a rally directly after the evening prayer. A procession of cars will start in front of the Dheisheh Camp. To celebrate the victory of the resistance in the Gaza Strip. The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas in Bethlehem.”


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By Danielle Avel

In a sign that the terrorist organization Hamas believes its own propaganda about a recent “victory” in Gaza, its Bethlehem wing has announced that it will be holding a car rally after Friday evening prayers on August 29 proceeding through the Palestinian Authority-controlled city of Bethlehem.  The Hamas motorcade will likely take a similar route to that of Pope Francis’ May 25th visit and will pass through places such as the Dheisheh and Aida neighborhoods.

3 mosque side entrance

A child walks by the side entrance of this mosque in Fatah-dominated Aida. The words “Fatah” appear in graffiti frequently alongside the terms “struggle” and “Phalanxes of Martyrdom” which are calls to war. In addition is a poster celebrating 2 terrorists along with advertisements for a caliphate conference.               Photo credit: Danielle Avel

This “victory” rally in which Hamas shows a display of force in the Fatah stronghold of Bethlehem in the West Bank directly challenges Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority. This raises the question: Does the Hamas leadership have the strength for such a display or has it been caught up in the enthusiasm of its supposed victory over Israel?  The events on Friday could answer this question.



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